About myself

My name is Ollivier Robert, also known as “roberto” or “Keltia” in various areas (social media, IRC), around 45 right now.

Working in computer science for more than 30 years now, mostly on UNIX-based systems like FreeBSD or Linux.

After being an Internet & Security Consultant at at a small but well-known agency called HSC between 1994 and 1996, I was hired as Information Security Officer at a european agency called EUROCONTROL (or ECTL to make it shorter). Since then, I had several different positions there and am now IT Expert for the SWIM workpackage within the SESAR Programme.

My résumé can be found here, more data on my LinkedIn site (see below).

Areas of interest

My main interests in life, after my family and friends are, in no particular order:

  • Reading lots of books, mainly Sci-Fi and Fantasy ones. I’m a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien but George R.R. Martin, C.S. Friedman and Patricia Keneally-Morrison are among my favorites (you will understood why my domain is named Keltia …). Recently, I’ve read novels from Anne Bishop, the writing is not so great but I like the story and characters; and the Vlad Thaltos novels from Steven Brust for fun. More recently, I’ve read novels from Lynn Flewelling (incl. The Bone Doll’s Twin and its following). Self-publishing is all the rage now, especially for ebooks and Lindsay Buroker is one of them, steam-punk kind of fantasy, I like her a lot.

My Goodread profile with most of my books is there.

  • Cryptography has been of interest to me even before I owned my first computer (a ZX-81 if you want to know) back in 1980… My list of previously owned computers include an Oric Atmos, a Sinclair QL and various PCes.

  • Photography in case you haven’t noticed on the site before :)

  • Typography is also something I’m interested in, mostly French but also English as well. That includes fonts and how to write correctly.

  • I listen to music all the time. My favourite band is Dead Can Dance, closely followed by old songs from Deep Purple, Genesis, Jethro Tull and even some Hard Rock/Metal like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Apocalyptica. I also like the music from Pat Benatar, Loreena McKennitt, Agnes Obel and many more.

  • Cats, I just love them.

Social media


 Linkedin: Ollivier Robert
Facebook: Ollivier Robert


PGP keys

NEW GPG Key! Please use only this one there from now on.

The old one below uses all the bad keysizes/algorithms that are referenced here. Check your own!

pub   4096R/0x8BE879B028731E1C 2013-09-23 [expires: 2023-09-21]
uid                 [ultimate] Ollivier Robert <roberto@FreeBSD.org>
uid                 [ultimate] Ollivier Robert <roberto@keltia.net>
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uid                 [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 4268]
sub   4096R/0x13B4B0E43FD6021F 2013-09-23 [expires: 2023-09-21]

My old-old-do-not-use-any-more GPG key is the following:

pub   1024D/7DCAE9D3 1997-08-21
uid                  Ollivier Robert <roberto@keltia.freenix.fr>
uid                  Ollivier Robert <roberto@keltia.net>
uid                  Ollivier Robert <roberto@FreeBSD.org>
sub   2048g/C267084D 1997-08-21

You can find it on the current PGP servers like pgp.mit.edu or here but I do not recommend you to use it.

Security stuff

You can also find stuff on Keybase, a new site aiming to do “crypto for the masses”.

Legal Stuff

This is a private blog, written solely by me, the author. Most of its content is usable under the Creative Commons license called CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (see Wikipedia for exact terms and references).

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