Second day in Sofia

Slightly less busy day during the second run of devsummit sessions, although the ones in the morning were pretty important for us.

The first one was about the various new tools we have introduced in our development workflow like Phabricator for dealing with code reviews and discussions around commits and Jenkins for Continuous Integration (mainly runs of compiling ports and various branches in the source tree).

See Arcanist, bapt

Next we had a session on DNS and how we use it in FreeBSD, both for serving zones and resolving names. DNSSEC is also very important, especially now that we have a validating resolver in base (Unbound).

During the afternoon, we had an interesting discussion with John-Mark Gurney about all things crypto inside FreeBSD such as the Open Crypto framework, different algorithms and evolution (such as optimizing SHA-256) which is pretty important for ZFS).

During the evening, we had our second social event in a restaurant in the mountains with some local singing and dance, see the pictures and videos here

Bulgarian food