First day in Sofia

So today was the first day of the EuroBSDCOn 2014 conference, traditionally starting by two days of FreeBSD devsummit, a meeting of FreeBSD developers, talking about various topics and thinking about FreeBSD’s future.

At every *BSD conference like BSDCan or AsiaBSDCon, we host such devsummits, it has been very useful over the years to gather FreeBSD developers IRL and get them to talk instead of just exchanging mail…

And we generally fill up entire walls like this:

Whiteboards with erwin

So the first went fine with several interesting subjects like the future 11.0 features (the ones we could love to have or work on – see here for example), ports and packages (like packaging “base”), 10G Ethernet and others.

We also did a session on embedded systems (with everything related to various MIPS and ARM CPUs), including external toolchain support and cross-compilation.

Of course Groff the goat was there:


You can find all the pictures for day 1 here.