SF&F 2013 discovery: Lindsay Buroker

It is no secret that I like Science Fiction & Fantasy (my Goodreads profile shows that :)) and I like classical authors such as Michael Moorcock1 , Isaac Asimov and of course J. R. R. Tolkien. I’m not reading only these of course and my list of authors has been growing over the years.

One genre I’ve been reading into lately is Steampunk which mix steam-powered machinery with special things such as post-apocalyptic world or magic.

Although it has been here for a long time (Jules Verne and H. G. Wells being well-known in this area), I haven’t been seeing the term that much until recently when some new authors got into the genre and one of them I discovered in 2013 is Lindsay Buroker.

She started back in 2010 (as a self-published author) with The Emperor’s Edge (starting book the same series) and has now written more both in this series and in others like Flash Gold Chronicles and Dragon Blood.

I enjoyed these books a lot, there is a lot of humour, the stories are well-balanced (even the “romance” part is not so present as to shadow the plot) and the characters are very attaching (even the bad guys). Compared to many authors I know (I’m looking at you G.R.R. Martin!2), she also write books in matter of months not years…

Her series include:

She is also very active on Twitter so do not hesitate to follow her and discuss, she is very friendly! Lots of interesting discussions, especially on the subject of self-publishing.

More on authors to come!

  1. I met him three years ago see these pictures

  2. Please do not kill Tyrion, please please pretty please