New releases of calife & books-utils

I have a few software utilities, from long ago (esp. Calife for which I release new versions. I’ll now announce them right here :)


I just issued release 3.0.4 of Calife. Please test. You can find it on my Bitbucket or Gibhub repositories. There is a fingerprints file signed with my GPG key. Please, check the signature before using the files. BTW, the GPG key is here

I added the %group syntax in addition to the current @group one. It also uses a more secure memzero(3) routine. It is also in the FreeBSD ports tree.


Release 0.4.0 of books-utils is available.

books-utils is intended to be a Ruby gem with utilities dealing with e-book management, generally associated with the wonderful Calibre utility.

It mainly consists of (for now) the newer-than script that look into a Calibre database for new books and display this list in various formats JSON, XML and YAML) and/or send it to Pastebin a popular copy-paste site and/or generate a Zip file with all files. The code is on Github.